Our Prices

Therapy, Sport and Classic Massages

Cervical collar min 30 mins price starts £30

(neck, shoulders and thoracic spine)

Lower Back Min 30 mins price starting £30

Full body massage 90 mins to 180 mins

90 mins £75 - 120 mins £100 - 180 mins £150

*Prices and times are individual depending on body size and any extra work needing done

Chest massage min 30 mins price starts £30
Abdominal massage 10-25 mins £20
Gluteal muscles 10-20 mins £25
Hip Massage min 30 mins price starts £30 per side
(back thigh, front thigh and inner thigh) feet massage min 20 mins price starts £25


Hand and arms min 20 mins Price starts £25 per side

* If you buy more two or more services for one massage sessional discount will be applied
** For regular clients every tenth session will be free (maximum time one hour)

Massage at your home
Our equipment is portable and we an visit you at home if you are unable to travel.
Prices are based on individual circumstances.

Relaxation Massages
30 minutes £25
60 minutes £50
90 minutes £75