Why doesnt the treatment work

💊Painkillers are often prescribed unnecessarily. It takes a long time to treat a patient with massage, exercises, compresses and ointments; it is easier and quicker to prescribe painkillers, which is often the case.
🏃‍♂️People also mistakenly believe that they have enough activity and movement in their lives and do not want to do therapeutic exercises. However, special therapeutic exercises and massage are the mainstay in the treatment of arthrosis and osteoarthritis.
🤔The main task of treating any disease is to find and eliminate the cause. For example, incorrect posture, flat feet, hip dysplasia, overweight, excessive load on the joints, sedentary lifestyle. Without timely correction and elimination of the causes, successful treatment is impossible.
❤️And on top of that, if a person does not believe that a particular medicine, compress, massage or therapeutic exercise will help, his body will not respond to it.
So I wish everyone confidence in success and optimism!
Health to all! 🫶❤️












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