Upper crossover syndrome or ,"Text Neck"

Upper crossover syndrome or ,,Text Neck"
It usually occurs in people who read a lot, work at a computer or stare at a smartphone screen. But it can also be caused by calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, injuries to the cervical spine, mismatch of bone and muscle growth rates in adolescents, as a result of age-related changes (osteochondrosis).
In the upright position, the average weight of the head in an adult is 5kg. If the head is tilted forward by at least 15°, the load on the neck muscles will be 13kg, at 30° - 20kg, at 60° - 30kg. Over time, the problem worsens as the muscles become fixed in the wrong position. This causes pain, poor mobility in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
It can also cause the following conditions
- Tension in the neck area;
- Pain in the jaw;
- Pain in the shoulder area;
- Breathing abnormalities;
- Feeling of constant fatigue;
- Deterioration of stability/range of motion in the shoulder joint;
- A tingling/numbness sensation in the upper extremities and fingers.....
Massage is an effective means of improving conditions, strengthening the muscle corset and eliminating muscle hypertonus. With course treatment is able to correct the angle of deflection, relieve pain, strengthen neck muscles, improve/normalise metabolic processes in the spinal column, and restore blood supply to the brain, reduce fatigue.
For prevention it is recommended to organise the workplace correctly, change the posture during work, reading (do not stay in one position for more than 25-30 minutes), exercises to strengthen the muscles of the cervical region, balanced diet, properly selected pillow.


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